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^_^ ~♥~Matty~♥~ ^_^

Mid-day hugs

Yeah, another thing I love about this community. In my LJ I prefer to save my post (with hugs in it) for the end of the day, but here, I'll do it all I want!

*hugs zero2karen* We're doing a Woodstock report in History, and our project is to design a CD cover for a single with the song "Woodstock" and when I found out Joni Mitchell sings it, the first thing I thought of was you!

*hugs sailormewmew* b/c you deserve them for making me feel loved so many consecutive times. And b/c you make me glad I got into Fullmetal Alchemist when you told me you liked it, even though it took me like 3 tries to get into it. You make me proud to be an otaku, and I'm going to try my hardest to get a job so we can meet at Katsucon next year! I love you!

*hugs x0_bubblez_0x* b/c that cat icon is so~ cute! And thanks for telling me about corner text in icons! I might try it one day! I love you!

*hugs pikagirl* When I talk about my job, no matter how many times you say, "*hugs* Good luck! ^_____^" It never gets old! It always makes me feel loved and 10000000000000x more determined to get a job! Thanks Marissa-chan! I love you!

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