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^_^ ~♥~Matty~♥~ ^_^

A very special person has entered the building... er, community...

Yeah, that joke's getting old XDDD

Let's give it up for Catherine, aka clarissa!

I once randomly saw this girl's name, and the name "Skitty" made me think of Pokémon, so I went to check her user info out. I saw so many things in there I liked, and she made such good colorbars and stuff, so I figured I simply must ask her to be my friend. Afterwards, we shared so many fandoms and so much stuff, and she also makes me proud to be an otaku. b/c of her, I'm glad I got into Beyblade and Naruto and Inuyasha and Fullmetal Alchemist despite what I said about them earlier. Thus, she is another one of my best anime friends, as our only notable, visible anime difference is that I like Transformers Cybertron, but eh, no big deal about that one. We agree on so much stuff and we even graphically support each other! I feel so lucky to know a girl like this and I can't imagine what my life would be like without her. She also said it was funny when I was feeling "Naru-tastic" even though that just kinda came to me right there and then and now that I think about it that actually sounds kinda dumb.

Thank you so much Catherine! I love you! *lots of hugs for Catherine*

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