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compertion TIME!!!! WOOHOO

♥ HELLO Again Fellow Hug Lovers XD

Matty-Chan (donkeykongsong) And I Have Come to relise this Community Has No

*Gasps* "OH NO the COMMUNITY Has no Icon I Hear you all say!"  I know the Horror D=

SO  I Come to you all With a
COMPERTION!   To fix this Horror Of Horrors!

"What Kind of Compertion?" I hear you all say?

It's the  MAKE A CUTE Huggerble Icon Compertion!   

Ok so Here's How it works the The Cuteist Most Huggerbleist(is that a word?) Wins and the Winner's Icon will be what we Use for this Community!

OK the rules!

1) It Must Have something to do with Hugs =D
2) It Has to Be cute, Nothing Rude please! It's ok if it's Funny just keep it sweet!
3) It has to have the words Hug addicts in it!
4) It Can have something to do with Cartoons, Anime and/or Manga Just as long as it follow the three other rules!

OK Well I'll give all those who want to enter this Compertion till the end of the mouth to get these done because I know alot of you have Buzy Lives
As do Matty-chan and Myself ^^; Oh Matty-chan and Myself will be the Juges and we'll juge the Icons at the End of the Mouth =D

and Whoever's Icon we both think is the Cuteist will Be the Winner!

SO I hope you all Have fun with this Compertion!
--------- ------- --------- --------------- -------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------- ------------- ----------- ---------------- -----------

Ok Now ON to the Hugs *Gives Matty-Chan Lots of Hugs Because he's Been soo Sweet!*

I Also MUST Give a Hug to sailormewmew  Because Matty-chan Tells me you where the one who came up with this line

Hugs here! Get your hugs here! Get 'em while they last!

that He used in one of his post, That Line Rocks  and your Sooo Clever to Come up with it!

So I Give you Lots Of Hugs for Coming Up with it! ♥ 

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