^_^ ~♥~Matty~♥~ ^_^ (donkeykongsong) wrote in hug_addicts,
^_^ ~♥~Matty~♥~ ^_^

A special person has entered the community

Let's give it up for Megz! megan23352

*hugs Megz* This girl is amazing. We met back in September 2005 and I sensed a great friend in her, and now it's being unleashed. I decided we could be friends since we had quite a few fandoms in common like Teen Titans, Tokyo Mew Mew, Winx Club, X-Men: Evolution, and Xiaolin Showdown, and then I started getting into anime and revealing even more similarities like Gundam SEED and Zatch Bell! and Cardcaptor Sakura and Naruto. She makes me glad to be fan of them, and proud to be an otaku. Earlier, I had started writing a Gundam SEED fanfic and she started reading it, and when I saw her layout involving hugs, I decided to start putting her in my daily hug posts, and she appreciates my hugs, and created a chain by making me feel loved every time I hug her ^_________^ Thanks Megz! I love you!

And some more:

*hugs mint_chan, sugercat, x0_bubblez_0x and zero2karen* Giving you hugs is fun and I haven't in awhile. I love you all!

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